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Air Tight

Nov 26, 2018

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Show Notes

Greetings everyone, I hope Thanksgiving went well.  I realized I need to up my bbq rib game. I talk with Dr Jake Felice again.  

Strain of the Week: Sour Fire - Couldn’t find too much on lineage.  I think it’s a cross of “sour diesel” of course and the “fire OG”.  It’s smells and tastes like gassy lemons. Nice long lasting high but wasn’t a punch in the head high which was nice.  Put me a good mood to hang out and made me real chatty. Picked that up at Ojai Greens 410 Bryant Crl. in Ojai.

Social Media:  Cannabis Lifers - Sespe Creek Collective.  408 Bryant Crl suit C

Report from the cannabis front line

-it was announced that Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chair of the Judiciary Committee and long-time prohibitionist, is stepping down from his position. As Chairmain, he refused to hold any hearings or votes on marijuana related legislation.

-Michigan’s new legalization law goes into effect on December 6, which is when adults can start legally possessing and growing marijuana for personal use.  Kalamazoo County, Michigan’s prosecutor is also dismissing marijuana cases.

-Massachusetts’ recreational marijuana sales began this past Tuesday.

-Connecticut Gov.-elect Ned Lamont (D) said that legalizing marijuana is one of his “priorities” in 2019. The Senate president said it would be “pointless” to keep cannabis illegal when neighboring states are ending prohibition. Lawmakers from both parties say legalization is likely in 2019.

-Vermont’s Senate president said he expects a bill legalizing marijuana sales to be finalized by early January

-The Jackson County, Missouri prosecutor announced that her office will stop prosecuting most marijuana possession cases.

Don’t forget to show up to your local city council meetings to stay involved in making sure your representatives are for you on this issue.

Dr. Jake Felice talks about digestive problems and how cannabis could help.  We talk about ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease, acid reflux and how cannabis could help.  His buddy Omar shows up and shoots some video also.  

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-Link to article about cannabis root.

Next episode I talk to Subcool the breeder.  

Special thanks to Dr Jake, all of for listening and for all the financial support.

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