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Air Tight

Apr 21, 2024

Welcome to Episode 102 of Air Tight, where we're looking into some compelling cannabis news involving New Jersey police, spinning tracks from legendary musicians, and gearing up for a grand 420 celebration at Tony’s Pizza in Ventura, California.

New Jersey Police Push for Cannabis Rights In a groundbreaking move, a...

Apr 21, 2024


Welcome to Episode 101 of Air Tight, where we're unpacking new shifts in #cannabis legislation with the pulsating #beats of #eclectic #music from around the globe.  This episode, we'll look at the fresh regulations hitting New Hampshire and explores an intriguing loophole in the Farm Bill concerning hemp. ...

Apr 9, 2024

    Welcome to a milestone episode of Air Tight, your favorite blend of #music and #news streaming on Green Coast Radio!  In this special 100th episode. 

     First up, breaking news: the iconic #Hippie Hill #420 celebration unfortunately gets a rain check this year, but fear not, we've got the vibes covered!  And...