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Air Tight

Nov 17, 2019

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Show Notes:  Welcome to ep. 85 everyone.  Later I’m going to play a conversation I had with Spenser from Craft Buds.  I’ve been going to some of the “Ojai herbal symposium” presentation this weekend, really informative.  I’ve learned a bit about plant based medicine, a lot of different ways native people used them to heal themselves.  I also learned about combining essential oils and herbs. Those are just the ones I had time to check out, I was popping in and out all day since it was happening in my town.  I’m going back there today to hear Dr. Felice after I’m done here.     

Strain of the Week Sponsored by Sespe Creek Collective:   King Louis XIII - Phenotype of OG Kush citrus, flowery, peppery and there’s another flavor I can’t really place.  It was a nice heady high, I felt behind my eyeballs first, which is always a good sign for me. Even though it was a 20% THC and an indica leaning it didn’t bring down like most indicas do. Put together by “Henry’s Original”.  Orange Creamsicle - It is a cross of the Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, powerful and long-lasting cerebral sativa high with a THC of 21%.  Has this tangy sweet orange taste. Really nice daytime weed. The high came on nice and quick and lasted about an hour and then just evaporated away, that was nice.  Put together by Lowell farms.   

Social Media:  El Paso cite and release program 

Report from the cannabis front line

-First Michigan starts recreational cannabis sales (adult use) Dec 1.  

-Hidden antibiotic potential of Cannabis 

-Thailand home grown market  

Conversations with: Spenser Thomas from Craft Buds.  We had an awesome conversation about soil structure and how to easily test your soil at home.  And we talked about what Craft Buds is and if it can help our gardens.  

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