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Air Tight

Jun 23, 2019

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Show Notes:  Welcome to show 67.  It’s kind of a CBD theme today.  I have a bullshit, click bait story that Forbes got me read.  Later I will be talking to Justin from 101cbd again. Last week I put out the first episode of the Spanish version of the show “En Mi Cultivo”.

Strain of the Week:   Snowman strain is a sativa dominant 70/30 phenotype of the infamous GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) strain that gets its name from the heavy coating of crystal trichomes that gives the buds an appearance of being rolled in snow.

Report from the cannabis front line

Fibromyalgia -

CBD article: -  

The journal Molecules has the specifics.  

Conversations with:  Justin from is back to more of our CBD questions.  

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Bensound - The Jazz Piano

Audiobinger - The Dark Side

Betty Roche - Trouble Trouble