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Air Tight

Mar 24, 2019

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Show Notes:  Greetings and welcome back.  I was part of a Ukulele Festival at my daughters middles school.  A young girl played “Stairway to Heaven” and killed it, totally surprised me.  Predator of the week is beneficial nematode. Rodney Medina gives us an update on “Spannabis 2019” that happened last week in Spain.  Quick reminder, there will be no show next week.

Strain of the Week: Hawaiian Jack - Is a cross between the Jack Herer and Hawaiian.  It’s a nice uplifting, fruity flower. I really liked it, it smoked nice and clean.  

Report from the cannabis front line;


Legislation is pending, House Bill 1383, that would decriminalize certain marijuana possession offenses.

The bill would would impose a civil penalty for the possession of up to three grams of marijuana, punishable by a $30 fine.

Update: HB 1383 was heard and approved by the Committees on Judiciary and Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs on 3/19. The bill was amended to lower the fine from $200 to $30.

Cannabis Hyperemesis

Predator of week:  Beneficial Nematoads.  Click on the link below for the full article.   

Conversations with:  Rodney Median comes on the show to talk about what he saw and did at “Spannabis 2019”.  

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Bensound - The Jazz Piano

Bazzamatazz - Mezcal y Sangrita

Gnawledge - El Manisero de Potemkin