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Air Tight

Jan 13, 2019

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Show Notes

Greetings everyone, welcome and thank you showing up.  Called the “The Eagle Inn” because they claim to be 420 friendly.  According management you can smoke on balcony but not in the rooms, all hotel rooms are no smoking.  

Strain of the Week:  Shout out to Josh for the XJ-13 - This hybrid cross of Jack Herer and G13 Haze.  It is not a heavy hitter, so it’s a great choice for daytime use, when you have stuff to do and need to be kind of “Crisp” for it.  It’s also a good choice for anyone new to cannabis and they want to start with something light. I has a nice floral aroma and about to same.  I personally wouldn’t use it recreation, I like to party with stronger weed.

Social Media:

-805 Cannabis Society is having the “Quarterly Cannabis Workshop and Networking Event” on Jan. 24,  6-8pm. It’s $15 and it says here it includes drinks and appetizers. It’s going be at Impact Hub (State St. Location)  We’ll hear from land use attorney Amy Steinfeld. Also branding and Int. Prop. attorney Dan Ackerman. And my buddy Elijah Spina from Delta Leaf Labs.  Go to to get your ticket.  

-Upcoming Cannabis Lecture, Santa Ynez Valley, it is called Cannabis: Present and Future in Santa Barbara County.  Thursday, January 17, 7 p.m. at Bethania Parish Hall (Atterdag and Laurel in Solvang) for all Valley residents. It says “Our goal is to help you better understand how cannabis is being regulated after legalization in our state”.

-Jan. 30 SB COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION - Hoop House Ordinance Meeting

123 East Anapamu Street, Room 17, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (9:00 a.m.)

Report from the cannabis front line

Fungus Gnats: This is the link to the accompanied article about fungus gnat at

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Bensound - The Jazz Piano

Gnawledge - La Lengua del Rio

DJ Monstr Drop - Muggles Remix