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Air Tight

Nov 11, 2018

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Intro Thank you all for listening.  Wildfires in California and internet went out for 2 days.

Strain of the Week: Sour Candy: Sour Candy is a predominantly sativa mix of Sour Diesel and Bubble Gum. It’s a nice fruity, sweet smell.  Not a super high but a level high. It helped me stay focused to outline this episode. Sometime the strain is really heavy and I’m Super high and easily distracted.

Social Media Bud and Brew - Met a bunch of cool people ( testing lab, license services, Amazon of weed)  Saw my buddy Doc Jake Felice. Joe Garcia who is one of founding members of the Lompoc Valley Cannabis Association.  He also has a public access cannabis TV show

Report from the cannabis front line - Election Recap -

-Michigan - Voters by a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent approved Proposal 1, legalizing the adult use, cultivation, and retail marketing of marijuana. Michigan is the first Midwest state to legalize adult marijuana use and sales.   Under the measure's provisions, adults will be able to legally begin possessing cannabis ten days following the certification of the 2018 election results. An estimated 25 percent of the US population now resides in a jurisdiction where the adult use and possession of cannabis is legal.

-Missouri -Amendment 2 Sixty-six percent of Missourians approved Amendment 2, which amends the constitution to permits physicians to recommend medical marijuana at their sole discretion, and provides licensed dispensary operate. The measure beat out two competing ballot initiatives, neither of which received more than 50 percent support from voters.

-Utah - Fifty-three percent of Utah voters approved Proposition 2, which facilitates legal medical cannabis access to qualified patients.

-North Dakota - Measure 3  Fifty-nine percent of North Dakota voters rejected Measure 3, a grassroots initiative that sought to strike marijuana from much of the criminal code and would have ended most marijuana-related arrests.

-WeedCon2018 winners - Best Indica Flower winner BareRoots Farms, -   Best Sativa Flower winner Cali Kush Farms for their Sumo Tangie -  Best Hybrid Flower winner LA Kush for their Bloodwalker. - Best Edible winners included Big Pete’s Treats for their Indica Chocolate Chip Cookie, District Edibles for their Sativa cannabis infused Cherry Cola gummies and Kushy Punch for their hybrid Cannabis infused gummies. -  Best Vape cartridge, Kushy Punch - Kushy Vape Best Indica and Hybrid categories - California Dab Company won Best Sativa Vape cartridge for their Lemon Head Vape. - LA Kush won Best Vape Battery and Best Product went to Papa & Barkley for their 3:1 Balm. - Best Dispensary went to Skunkmasters in Point Hueneme, CA.

-Jeff Sessions: He got fired, so what.  Will anything change?

-Cannabis strains or brand marketing:  NetFlix made a set of cannabis strains last year, they called it of course the netflix collection.  It was like 10 or 12 different strains. They didn’t grow it, they partnered with a distributor to market it for them.  :Francis Ford Coppola - Coppola's cannabis comes housed in a mock wine bottle. Also included are a glass pipe, rolling papers, and a matchbox to go with a gram of each flower—all for $99. The Grower's Series is a partnership with California growers the Humboldt Brothers collection includes three different organic weed strains—one sativa, one indica, and one hybrid.  Each strain is said to reflect the diverse Humboldt County microclimates. One is a sativa-dominant strain cultivated elevation 1,700 feet, where the climate is warm from continuous sunshine. An indica-dominant strain  elevation 600 feet, is said to relax body and mind. A third said to enhance focus and mood and is grown at 2,400 feet, where this strain benefits from cooler temperatures and diverse soil.  Time to start learning about the Terroir for cannabis

-Mexican judge rules on cannabis - Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled for the fourth and fifth times Wednesday that blanket bans on recreational use of marijuana are unconstitutional. While the rulings do not immediately legalize recreational use, they do set a precedent that other courts must now follow in any individual cases. In Mexican law, it takes five rulings on an issue to establish a firm precedent.  Got that at written by Lucas Laursen

-Fabric pots: Changed my mind about them,  picked up some 1gals.  I bought a 5 pack of them, I goofed it and got black ones. That’s alright they won’t go outside in the summer.  Pros: root air pruning, plants don’t get as root bound.  Air circulation in root zone. Root zone doesn’t stay wet.  Cons: The edges flop down when you try and stake the plant.  It suck to transplant 1gal, 3 gal 5gal. You have to try and peel them like a banana.    TIPS: get the gray or tan color they absorb and hang onto less heat then the black ones.

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