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Air Tight

Mar 22, 2020

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Show Notes:  Hello everyone and welcome back.  Later I’ve got Dr. Jake Felice back to talk about Covid19, cannabis and pregnancy and we’ll revisit CHS.  So much going on right now, it’s been a crazy week out there, Covid19 has shut it down. I think this is going to change the way we do a lot of things (education & entertainment).  That’s a good and a bad thing. The cool thing about most things being shut down is seeing so many families hanging out together. Call your local dispensary for their operating hours.  I’m glad I know how to grow and garden and that I know other growers and gardeners. Aside from growing some of what we need, it’s also really calming putting my hands in the soil. I say this because some of us are really stressed out right now.  My suggestion is to start a garden,it doesn’t have to be big. Speaking of which we almost forgot that it’s finally spring.  I’m cracking some seeds from @lorax315 (Afghan x Durban, Great rift valley and Nepal X Diesel).  Lorax said the GRV loves mag, and the Napal loves the phosphorous. Go find him on IG and take a look at what he’s doing.  

Strain of the Week:  Diesel Cake: Sour Diesel and Wedding Cake (birthday cake, pink cookies).  This was the pre-roll from Autumn Brands that I smoked with Rodney last week.  This sativa dominant was a 20% THC with a strong gassy smell and taste backed up with a slight sugary flavor at the end from the Cake.  It was a nice fun high, great for hanging out with friends. This was the pre-roll from Autumn Brands I smoked with Rodney after last week's show. We tried to do some research with getting high and seeing if a CBD joint would bring down the high.  Problem was 1 joint for 2 potheads wasn’t going to be enough to feel really high. I did feel it but I wasn’t super high at the end of it as I was hoping. Then we plugged in some of his new podcast equipment and totally forgot about the CBD joints.  

Social Media: It seems, If you had a legit upcoming cannabis event (not a secret sesh), it has been cancelled or it’s been moved online.  

Report from the cannabis front line: Rincon Vitova sent out this reminder.   Agriculture is a critical sector where a federal guideline specifies that employees who aren’t sick can leave home to go to work. For companies in the agriculture and biocontrol industries, the Guidelines for Critical Infrastructure Sectors includes these employees:

Farm workers and support service workers to include those who [work in] field crops; commodity inspection; fuel ethanol facilities; storage facilities; and other agricultural inputs

Employees of companies engaged in the production of chemicals, medicines, vaccines, and other substances used by the food and agriculture industry, including pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, minerals, enrichments, and other agricultural production aids.

  -Rincon Vitova Insectary  

Conversations with:  Dr. Jake Felice is back and talking about Covid-19, CBD as an anti-microbial hyperemesis gravidarum, and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.  You can find him at     

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