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Air Tight

Dec 8, 2020

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Show Notes:   Welcome to Ep. 133.  Later Rodney is back to talk about the MORE Act vote.  Correction on 28.3 grams = an ounce.  I got a bulletin from CDFA about AGRO GRO WS.

Strain of the Week:  Autumn OG - Great looking flower that came in at 26% THC.  This is seem to be Autumn Brands version of the OG kush.  It has that earthy, piney, touch of musky odor and taste.  This is a heavy smoke, not a “get to work” weed, I was lit like a christmas tree.  It came on fast and strong and kept me there but the come down wasn’t a crash’n’nap time.  It was a nice gradual step back down to sober.  

Report from the cannabis front line: 

Mexico -  Chamber of Deputies hearings - Which are the Deputies of Justice, Health, Human Rights and Budget and Public Accounts Committees are all taking up the cannabis reform bill, and advocates expect it will be cleared for a final floor vote on Wednesday.

Conversations with:  Rodney and me talk about the MORE Act.  The “MORE Act” passed the Congress and still needs to be voted on by the Senate.  

Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019 or the MORE Act of 2019

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