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Air Tight

Mar 11, 2022


Smithereens - Blood and Roses

Aretha Franklin - Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.

Attaque 77 - Sola en la Cancha

Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Runnin Wild

Young Holt - Soulful Strut

David Bowie - Moonlight DayDream

Nancy Willson - The Great City

Depeche Mode - Stipped

Li Saumet, Los Angeles Azules - Mi Unico Amor

Eli-Mac - They Don’t Know

Fugazi - Bed for the scraping

Elvis Presley - Blue Moon

From First to Last - The One Armed Boxer vs. The Flying Gullatine

Fishbone - Subliminal Fascism

Free Kitten - Strawberry Milk

Eric Burdon - Spill the Wine

Emmylou Harris - Every Grain of Sand

Flunk - I love Music