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Air Tight

Feb 16, 2020

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Show Notes:  Welcome to show 96.  Later I’ll play a conversation with Derek Gilman.  I’m cracking some mystery bag seeds. I got my seed from Lorax.  Did a soil structure test on composted manure and my recycled soil.  I’d like to get it to a 40% sand 40% silt 20% clay       

 A botany word of the week is “fertigation”. 

Strain of the Week:  Granola Funk:  balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) and the internet says it’s a cross between the infamous Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies and the Wookie 15.  First of all it was really fluffy, supple and velvety. It starts with this over ripe fruit and fuel mix smell. There is this sweet vanilla dirt taste that coats the top of the mouth like perfume does.  I don’t know who grew it but they did a killer job. This was a bit of a heavy hitter at 27% THC. It was euphoric, uplifting and calming all at once. But it also let my mind drift. I don’t find that very often in flower, it was awesome.  I will warn you, it gave me the munchies, not all weed gives me the munchies.    

Report from the cannabis front line:   This is an election year and a lot of states are moving forward with cannabis acceptance, I don’t refer to it as legalization until it’s treated like alcohol. 

Cannabis laser test: 

Kentucky Hemp 1% THC 

This bullshit about false memories  False-memory effects were mostly restricted to the acute-intoxication phase.

Cannabis drink cans 

Conversations with:  Derek Gilman is back on the show.  We talk about what it’s like for cannabis farmers 4yrs into a legal rec industry.  He shared some of that “Frankincense” bud that he grew, with me.  It had an awesome flavor, a little spicy or musky notes (B-caryophyllene).  It was a great daytime high, really uplifting with almost no anxiety.  

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