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Air Tight / In My Grow Show

Jan 19, 2020

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Show Notes:  Greetings and welcome back to IMGS.  Later I’ll play a conversation I had with Jaime Campbell.  Michigan is calling looking for growing advice (nutrient company and blueberry farmers.  I heard some fucked up anti-cannabis stories (mycoherbicide and vitners open pollinating male cannabis plants).    

Strain of the Week:  Magic Melon is a cross of the Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon, and Mango Sherbert.  This flower is a tropical fruity sativa with cantaloupe and watermelon aromas finish with a fuelie taste at the end.  This is not a heavy hitter, it was low and light. A good social event flower, pass the joint around, people won’t get too high.  Good work weed also, uplifting and energetic. 

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  • Arroyo Verde Farms had their community tour on Saturday and I took my buddy Luis with me.  They are a commercial cannabis cultivation farm in Carpinteria Ca. They’re growing some fire over there.  Had “Cherry AK-47” that’s all I have to say. It was truly educational for me. I felt like I learned something so it didn’t feel like a waste of time.  A couple of things impressed me about it, the big thing was odor control, I forget what they said they used for it. You couldn’t smell the flowering GH from the outside.  A lot of bud, checkout my IG profile for some photos of the day. Saw Kristen from SBVerde.  
  • I had a representative of a big Ag company that specializes in crop inputs reach out to me last week.  Now that weed is legal in Michigan companies out there feel comfortable about working with cannabis/hemp.  The woman that reached out is a crop consultant on the west coast of Michigan. Sulfur and CBD, N and THC was the quesion.  Let’s break that down real quick. 
  • Cloning with Aloe:  I got this tip from someone on IG, I don’t want to say who.         

Report from the cannabis front line

Conversations with:  Jaime Campbell who is the founder of GreenCo ( which specializes in digital marketing for cannabis companies and brands.  I recorded a conversation we were having about the limitation that everyone in cannabis has when it comes to advertising.  

Big thanks to: All the artist for letting me use their music.

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