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Air Tight / In My Grow Show

Sep 30, 2019

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Show Notes:  Welcome to the show, I hope everyone’s gardens are doing great.  I went over to a friends house and he’s go some signs of bud rot / botrytis.  I went to CannMed last week and saw Raphael Mechoulam, and I’ll talk about that later.  Next Sunday the 6th I will be at the MaryJane 5k, I’m not running I’ll be volunteering.      

Strain of the Week:  Race Fuel OG -  Created from the “High Octane” OG phenotype of OG Kush x Face Off OG, so it’s like a double OG hit.  It has a gassy and wet dirt taste. It is a bit of a heavy hitter, for me it was really euphoric and uplifting ( fancy for really high) and energetic without a crash.

Report from the cannabis front line:

Overtime pay in the cannabis industry - 

-SouthPark and MedMan: 

Cannabis and kidney transplant: 

CannMed event with Raphael Mechoulam do a presentation titled “The Chemistry Behind Cannabinoid Acids”.  It was cool to see him and to see how we all treated him like the “Oracle at Delphi” except he’s a guy.   I recorded some audio of the presentations but I need to clean it up a bit. The high ceilings of the conference room made it hard to for me to get clean audio without an echo. .  Also saw Dr. Dan Peer present on “Cannabinoid Acid block Intestinal Inflammation and Improves the Therapeutic Outcome in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Mice Models”.  I saw a bit of the cultivation panel talk about using blockchain to solve some breeder IP/copyright problems but some of it was beyond me because I don’t completely understand how blockchain works.  

A quick side note.  On the other side of the convention center, there was also a cannabis industry job fair going on.  I saw a list of the categories and it was a long list, from sales to extraction to cultivation. I thought that was cool to see, combining these two events.  

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