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Air Tight

Aug 25, 2019

Spectrum King Closet Case grow light

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Show Notes:Welcome to show #74.  I want to give a big thanks to “Thursday Island Psychic Charity for putting together the new intro music.  I first met him at the puff’n’paint. You can find him on IG @tripped_keys. Later I’ll play a conversation I had with Marc Wasserman from Pot Brothers at Law.  So some of my plants died but they all took damage while I was away for two weeks. Trying to get into CannaMed 2019 coming up at the end of next month out here in LA.  One more thing I want to mention is, stop smoking out of aluminium cans and tin foil. Some studies link higher levels of trace aluminum in the brains of dementia and alzheimer's patients and some studies don’t.  Error on the side of caution just get yourself a decent piece of glass. I say this because I met an older lady who says she doesn’t smoke a lot but when she does, it’s out of a tin can.          

Strain of the Week:   Big Bud - This is one of those legacy strains because it’s been around for a long time, but when it’s grown right it’s an awesome sativa.  It’s great for pain and relaxation, it will give me couch lock if I smoke the whole joint. The internet says it was developed in the USA before being brought to the Netherlands in the 1980s to survive the War on Drugs.

Report from the cannabis front line:

-Weedmaps stops advertising unlicensed canna shops. 

-Vape carts and hospitalization 
Conversations with:  Marc Wasserman who is a well known lawyer who specializes in cannabis business and criminal defense litigation.  Him and his Craig are The WassLaw Firm and probably most well known for being The Pot Brothers at Law. Go to or find them on Instagram @pot_brothers_at_law.  I was turned on to them by a couple of young guys that I work with (Josh and Luis) a few months ago.  I want to thank Marc for taking the time to talk to me, I really appreciate it. He has a lot of great stories to tell and a lot of great advice to share.   

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Thursday Island Psychic Charity - Show theme song

Punk Rock Opera - War is Won

Shaolin Dub - Billowing Smoke