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Air Tight / In My Grow Show

Jul 21, 2019


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Show Notes:  Ep. 71 welcome everyone.  I hope everyone’s gardens are looking great.  Later I’ll be talking to east coast breeder Lorax.  I want to ask for help on two things, getting the show on iTunes.  I need a Hawaii hook up. Got my lace wings.  

Strain of the Week:  Northern Lights -  a descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains.  It has this sweet, spicy aromas. Since it’s a pure indica it will help with pain and sleeplessness.

Social Media:  Wed. Aug 6th is the Cannabis Quarterly at 6pm at the Impact Hub in SB, go to IG and find @805cannabissociety for more details. 

-Got my Green Lacewings eggs.   

Report from the cannabis front line:  Yes a quick word about Hawaii. 

Conversations with: East coast breeder Lorax.  Find him on Instagram @lorax315.  About 21min into the conversation the batteries in my recorder died so there’s a quick edit in there.  

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ShaolinDub - Billowing Smoke

Pold - Summer Vibe

Punk Rock Opera - War is Won