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Air Tight

Mar 16, 2018

"Throwing rocks at dogs"

What I’m smoking:  Platinum OG is an Indica strain or cultivar.  It's a cross between Master Kush, OG Kush and a third unknown parent.  A word about absolute xtracts:.

 What I’m doing:  I’m making topicals again.  How I prepare my cannabis to make topicals and edibles.  

In the news:      California threatens Weedmaps over promotion of illegal cannabis shops:               

Report for cannabis Front Line:  Several marijuana related legislation died this week after failing to be voted on before crossover deadlines, including legalization and decriminalization bills in Hawaii. Florida and Washington state legislatures adjourned for this year, effectively killing FL decriminalization and patient protection efforts, and a WA bill to provide financial services to marijuana businesses.

And, police in Juneau, Alaska announced that marijuana businesses can now transport product by airplane.

District Attorney’s Office for Sonoma County, California is directing staff to review and vacate thousands of past marijuana convictions. County officials estimate that approximately 3,000 cases are eligible for either a sentencing reduction or expungement.

My grow:  My seedlings are up.  My “Hit It Once” came down, she had been outside since Thanksgiving.  Winter outdoor greenhouse grow gave popcorn buds. The father parent of my “Cool One”.  Making a dewy mister cloner.

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Music:  RetroSoul

Cletus got Shot: Fight Song

Jerry Harris: Just a Little Love We Need