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Air Tight

Jan 28, 2019

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Intro:  Greetings everyone, welcome to show 49.  I won’t have a pest of the week because I’ve got Dr. Felice on the show again today and we’re talking about cannabis as a neuroprotectant.   Confirmed, my Orange Durban Poison is a male.

Strain of the Week:   Golden Lemon is an indica dominant hybrid and it’s a cross of the kosher kush and lemon skunk.  It is sedative, it did slow me down. It wasn’t couch lock but it did zap my motivation. It’s not a daytime strain for me.  Tasted more piney then lemony to me but that doesn’t mean anything.

Social Media

  • SB COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION - Hoop House Ordinance Meeting it be in SANTA MARIA on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 9 am Betteravia Government Center 511 Lakeside Parkway
  • Went to 805Cannabis Society networking meeting, not sure what we’re calling it.  As always I had an great time talking the cannabis scene locally. Land use attorney Amy Steinfeld spoke,it was cool to hear because she made more clear for me about who is against cannabis.  Also branding and Int. Prop. attorney Dan Ackerman. And my buddy Elijah Spina from Delta Leaf Labs.

Report from the cannabis front line

  • Regulate Nationally: The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2019 — (HR 420) seeks to deschedule cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, thus permitting state governments to regulate these activities as they see fit.

Click here to email your Representative and urge them to support this important legislation  


Legislation is pending, House Bill 708, to legalize the use, possession, cultivation, and retail sale of small amounts of marijuana for adults.

  1. The measure would allow adults 21 and over to purchase one ounce of cannabis and grow up to six cannabis plants in their own home.
  2. Allows licensed dispensaries to sell edible cannabis and cannabidiol products  HI resident? Click here to email your lawmakers in support of legalization  
  3. House Bill 698  would permit physicians to recommend cannabis therapy to those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  HI resident? Click here to email your lawmakers in support of medical cannabis for autism

North Dakota

Legislation is pending, House Bill 1417, to expand patients’ access to medical cannabis in North Dakota.

The proposed changes:

  • Expands the pool of eligible patients by permitting providers to recommend medical cannabis to those diagnosed with neuropathy; opioid use disorder; opioid withdrawal; migraine; rheumatoid arthritis; and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome;

New Hampshire

  • Legislation is pending, House Bill 399, to permit those convicted of past marijuana offenses to seek an expungement of their criminal records.  If passed, HB 399 would allow individuals to file a petition with the court requesting that the court annul any past marijuana violations involving the possession of up to ¾ of an ounce of marijuana.  NH resident? Click here to email your lawmakers in support of expungement

Conversation with:  Dr. Jack Felice is back and we’re talking about cannabis as a neuroprtentant.  He helps me understand how it help some seizure disorders and how it affects Alzheimer's.  That’s just some of what we get into. If your medical patient and want some accurate medical information about  your condition and cannabis reach out to him. If your a cannabis company that needs a medical expert, I think the Doc is your man.  You can find him at     

Special Thank:  To all the artist for letting me use their music to put the show together.  Big thank to Dr. Jake Felice. Go to the “Doctors” tab at to listen to all the past conversation i’ve had will all the doctors.  

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