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Air Tight

Dec 17, 2018

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"Organic Solution: SuperChar" is available on Amazon.  I love this product and surprised to find it there.  I'm lucky enough, that they're kind of local and I can drive to the worm farm to pick it up, so I don't have to pay for shipping because there's no Prime shipping on that.

Show Notes:

  Thank you all for showing up, took last week off.  Later I talk to Noah from BudBuddy about what he’s doing and he helps me choose a new flower vaporizer.  Didn’t make it to the Emerald Cup. Went to Great Wolf Lodge for the birthdays. Great time, there was alcohol everywhere.  I’m not jealous, I just can’t wait for the time when I can get a 30mg shot of THC in my mango juice. I found out my phone is waterproof.  Stoner Christmas movie “The Night Before”. It’s with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie.

Strain of the Week:   I have no strain this week, but I want to give my respect to all the home grower out there.  You all are killing it and if your not, it just take more learning and practice.

Social Media:  Strainly is a new social media platform for cannabis.  

Report from the cannabis front line

-Deliveries in California

-Utah cannabis law change

-Farm Bill


-California Banking.

-Conversation with: Noah from BudBuddy talks on the phone with me about what he’s doing and he helps me understand what I want to look for in a flower vaporizer.  Click Here to link to Budbuddy.  Use promo "mygrowlife" at check out for a limited time (ends 11pm Dec.17, 2018) to get 30% discount. 

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Bensound - The Jazz Piano

Cletus Got Shot - Fight Song

The Rejected - West Coast Freed The Weed

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