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Air Tight

Dec 2, 2018

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Show Notes

Thanks for all the support.  The shows a couple days late.  December is busy month will all the birthdays and Christmas.  

Strain of the Week: Bubble Gum - It is a hybrid and was developed by growers in Indiana. From there it was taken New England and eventually Holland.   Bubble Gum has the characteristic sweet, earthy smell and euphoric high.

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Report from the cannabis front line;  

-Michigan’s marijuana legalization law goes into effect next week on December 6.  SB 1243 seeks to amend the voter-initiated Proposition 1: The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act in a manner that would strip away language that currently permits adults to home cultivate cannabis, among other changes.  The measure removes provisions from the law that permit adults to home cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants on their private premises.

-Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) of Illinois vetoed a bill that removes a provision to fire state troopers and corrections officers who test positive for marijuana.

-NJ   Legislation is pending, S 10, to expand the state’s medical cannabis program.

The measure facilitates the expansion of additional medical cannabis growers and providers, while also expanding the amount of cannabis a patient may legally purchase and possess. It further expands the pool of licensed health professional who may recommend medical cannabis, and shields registered patients from employment discrimination and the loss of child custody. It also phases out retail sales taxes on medical cannabis, amongst other changes.

-Utah;  A majority of Utah voters decided on election day in favor of Proposition 2, The Utah Medical Cannabis Act. However, politicians are threatening to significantly amend this Act during a special legislative session in December. Their proposed changes are likely to adversely impact patients’ medical cannabis access and unduly delay the law’s implementation.

Conversation with “Subcool” the seed breeder

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