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Air Tight

Oct 29, 2018

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Show Notes:

 Thanks to everyone for listening.  Explain what happened with the last episode.   Well Canada has legal cannabis.

Strain of the Week:

-Treesus is a unique hybrid cross between Trainwreck and Mendocino Purps.  It’s known to provide calming euphoria and an uplifting boost of creativity. With a vigorous sativa-dominant growth pattern, Treesus has a great piney, wet dirt with orange or lemon

-Santa Cruz is a classic OG and is cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. It carries a sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG varieties and descendants.

Social Media:  WeedCon2018:  Here’s the good and the bad, there was no ugly.  I’m sure as the event matures over next few years it will get better and better.  If they have another one next year I’ll be going to that one too.

 The Good

  • The fact that the ticket sales went to the charity “Safety Harbor Kids” witch helps local orphans, foster kids and homeless children.  
  • The fact that the little town allow this to happen is cool.  Having open dialogue and appearance of cannabis.
  • A bunch of vendors were there with cannabis products.
  • Some great live music

The Bad  

  • It was held outside, not a big deal but it was hot as hell 91.  That was reason I didn’t stay for the speakers. I got there at 2pm, high as a kit and with mean case of cotton mouth and first  I took one quick lap.
  • You couldn’t smoke at the event.  There were signs posted everywhere that outside that said “No ingesting cannabis or smoking allowed.
  • There were cops everywhere making sure you didn’t consume.
  • There weren’t any vendors for the cultivating side of cannabis.

Utah Senator takes cannabis:  Sen. Jim Dabakis goes to Vegas to try cannabis ahead of a revision to Prop 2, which will decide how weed can be ingested, where and how it’s sold and what kinds of conditions qualify for a medical cannabis card in Utah.

Report from the cannabis front line:

-U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a clarification to a policy many feared would prevent Canadians who work or invest in marijuana businesses from entering the country, indicating that “A Canadian citizen working in or facilitating the proliferation of the legal marijuana industry in Canada, coming to the U.S. for reasons unrelated to the marijuana industry will generally be admissible to the U.S. however, if a traveler is found to be coming to the U.S. for reason related to the marijuana industry, they may be deemed inadmissible.”

-Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo signed a bill into law allowing medical cannabis home cultivation.

-Rhode Island regulators added autism spectrum disorders as medical cannabis qualifying conditions,

-Remember:  The Marijuana Justice Act would (1) remove marijuana from the US Controlled Substances Act, thereby ending the federal criminalization of cannabis; (2) incentivize states to mitigate existing and ongoing racial disparities in state-level marijuana arrests; (3) expunge federal convictions specific to marijuana possession; (4) allow individuals currently serving time in federal prison for marijuana-related violations to petition the court for resentencing; (5) and create a community reinvestment fund to invest in communities most impacted by the failed War on Drugs.

-New Jersey: A4510 seeks to create a state bank to provide financial services to licensed marijuana business operating in accordance with state law.

The measure would permit the bank to make loans to, and accept deposits from, any marijuana-related business. Currently, many financial institutions are discouraged from interacting with the cannabis industry because of the plant’s illegal federal status.

Other Stuff:

-Canada legalized cannabis.  Canada website

-This week Canada became the second nation to explicitly legalize the social use, possession, cultivation, and retail production and sale of cannabis. The new law will also include pardons of all criminal possession charges of less than 30 grams.

What is legal as of October 17, 2018

Subject to provincial or territorial restrictions, adults who are 18 years of age or older are legally able to:

  • possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis, dried or equivalent in non-dried form in public
  • share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis with other adults
  • buy dried or fresh cannabis and cannabis oil from a provincially-licensed retailer
    • in provinces and territories without a regulated retail framework, individuals are able to purchase cannabis online from federally-licensed producers
  • grow, from licensed seed or seedlings, up to 4 cannabis plants per residence for personal use
  • make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products

Cannabis edible products and concentrates will be legal for sale approximately one year after the Cannabis Act came into force on October 17th, 2018.

Possession limits for cannabis products

The possession limits in the Cannabis Act are based on dried cannabis. Equivalents were developed for other cannabis products to identify what their possession limit would be.

One (1) gram of dried cannabis is equal to:

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible product
  • 70 grams of liquid product
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 1 cannabis plant seed

This means, for example, that an adult 18 years of age or older, can legally possess 150 grams of fresh cannabis.

Cannabis for medical purposes

The current regime for medical cannabis will continue to allow access to cannabis for people who have the authorization of their healthcare provider.

-Reading the Canada law it makes me wonder what it would look like if I got my wish and the U. S. government just declassified cannabis.  All they did was set age limits and set some safety regulation (pesticides). That’s potentially 50 different sets of laws.

-American cannabis business (article shared by Slapshot_slim)

Traveling with Cannabis in Canada

Worm Tea Recipe

Things you’ll need.

  • 5Gal bucket of water
  • 5Tbls of fish and kelp liquid fertilizer
  • 1/3 cup molasses (the sugar feeds the microbes), sometimes the you’ll find a fish/kelp fertilizer with molasses already in it.
  • 1 ½Tbls of “Recharge” (beneficial microbe soil amendment)
  • 6 ½ cups of worm castings wrapped up tight in cheesecloth or old t-shirt, like a tea bag.
  • Air stone, air hose and pump (optional)

Now let’s put it together.

  1. Add the fish/kelp fertilizer and Recharge to the 5 gallons of water.
  2. Drop in the tea bag of worm castings.
  3. Hook up the air stone to the air pump and put the stone in the bucket of water, then turn it on. It’s normal for the tea to start to foam up, it’s a good sign.  The tea should be ready in about 24 hrs.

If you don’t have an air stone and pump, don’t worry you can still make this tea.  You’re going to do steps 1 & 2, but you’re going let everything sit in the bucket for 2 days.  Remember to stir the bucket often.

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