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Air Tight

Mar 20, 2018

Special thanks:. And everyone for joining me today.  Thanks also to Ray Soto for signing up and becoming a contributor to the show with Patreon.  A word about Patreon.


What I'm smoking: More Blueberry Cookies, because I can. Found it at Sespe Creek Collective dispensary.  Vape cartridge of Gorilla Glue from AbsoluteXtracts.


Something to talk about:  All the bud in the dispensary is pre-packaged, more times are changing..


Report from the cannabis frontlines:

Several marijuana related legislation died this week after failing to be voted on before crossover deadlines, including legalization bills in Kentucky and Missouri. The Indiana state legislature failed to agree on amendments to a hemp pilot program bill before the end of the legislative session; the bill will go to an interim study commission this summer. And an Arizona bill to enhance quality testing practices was defeated in the House Appropriations Committee.


Also a quick look at what’s happening in Maryland, California as well as on the Federal level


The plant in Veg

  • The pot and soil


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  • RetroSoul, India
  • Blue Dot Sessions: Waltz for Zacaria
  • Psychotic Reaction: Punk For Fashion

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