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Air Tight

Apr 24, 2019

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Show Notes:  Welcome to the show.  It was 420 yesterday, I hope you celebrated as much as you needed to.  I stopped by Sespe Creek for some extras. I didn’t make it to the Refer Madness showing, it got late and I got high to drive.  I also went to the QCNE on Thursday and met a lot of great people again. I saw Justin there and met a veterinarian that I plan on having on the show soon to talk about cannabis and our animals.  I’ve been taking the raw CBD for 2 weeks and here’s what I found. It’s a combo of predator/pest of the week with Trichogramma and caterpillars.

Strain of the Week:  Lemon Tree: Tastes like lemon pledge and a heavy hitter.  Orange Zkittlez: nice even high   Super Fruit: It was nice and fruity tasting but it was dry.   

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Report from the cannabis front line

California wants 1 dispensary for every 4 bars.

Predator of the week: It’s a combo of Trichogramma (predator) and caterpillar (pest).  Go to for the full text.  

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