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Air Tight

Jan 14, 2021

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Show Notes:   welcome to Ep. 137.  So my old computer ate the audio version of last week's show.  Luckily I found a way to edit it on my phone using Adobe Premiere Rush that came with my Creative Cloud.  It came out ok, not bad for a phone app and my first time using it.  I will go back and re-edit that episode when the new laptop comes in.  I bought a new laptop for the show, a huge thank you to all of you who were able to contribute financially to make that happen.  Since the new laptop doesn’t come in for a few more days which means this episode will also be edited on my phone.

 Strain of the Week:  Watermelon Gelato: cross of Watermelon Zkittlez x Gelato 45.  The flower had a fruity, earthy smell and taste with a hint of fuel at the very end of the exhale.  It was a bit of a sativa leaning with a 23%THC, but it didn’t make me anxious and I found it easy to get computer work done.      

Report from the cannabis front line: 

Montana, South Dakota stall cannabis

New Mexico prison weed

NFL player and cannabis


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Big thanks to: All the artist for letting me use their music.

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