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Air Tight

Nov 29, 2020

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Show Notes: Welcome to Ep. 132.  Here in a bit I’ll play a conversation I had with Rev. Mary Moreno Richardson.  I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome, mine was great but I had too much food.  I ate so much, I wasn’t hungry until dinner time the next day.  Shout out to pastor Steve for dropping off the bird.  

Strain of the Week:    Zweet Tartz - cross of ZOZ5 x Sweet Cherry Pie.  Flavors/aromas It does have these lemon, cherry, piney notes.  The label says it was 30% THC but it didn’t feel like it to me, a 30% should have given me more couch lock and I didn’t.  I think it’s a Zkittlez family member and as far as I can tell, this is NOT the same as the Sweet Tart which is a cross of Purple Thai X Afghani X ATF strains.

Conversations with: I had this idea of having a series of conversations about “Cannabis and Religion” with different religious leaders It’s not as easy as I thought it would be easy to get religious leaders to talk publicly about their personal opinions on cannabis, drugs and the war on drugs. 

I appreciate Rev. Mary Moreno Richardson who is a retired Episcopal reverend  talking to me not just about cannabis but also about some of the different experiences she’s had and works she’s done.    

Big thanks to: All the artist for letting me use their music.

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