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Air Tight

Aug 31, 2020

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Produced by Rodney Medina

Show Notes:  Welcome to Ep. 121.  Later I talk with Kevin Jodrey.  I hope your gardens are looking great, mines looking good.  It’s the end of August and everything is starting to flower, so I’m putting out a fresh batch of Green Lacewing larvae. I’ve got moth flight and white flies fluttering around, so the larvae should keep them in control.  If you're growing outdoors, in the west, harvest time is in October.  Went to see Firz last night.  I’m not a fan of using Zoom for interviews.   

Strain of the Week:  WiFi OG (a.k.a. White Fire OG)  Fire OG x The White (a.k.a. Triangle)  It has that rosey, earthy, gassy aroma and taste.  The high was energizing and helped me focus and stay on task.  It was really good for creativity, it helped me get the juices flowing.  It came in at 21% THC.   I found out it’s typically recommended  for anxiety, depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain, and appetite loss.  Glass House Farms.  

Report from the cannabis front line: 

The MORE Act vote 

Nebraska Sheriff

 Conversations with: Kevin Jodrey founder of Wonderland Nursery.  He is a legend in the cannabis industry and has a unique perspective of it.  We talked about the exportation of the American cannabis culture among a lot of other things.  He was really generous with his time and really honest.     

Big thanks to: My buddy Rodney for helping to set up that conversation with Kevin.  All the artist for letting me use their music.

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