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Air Tight

Aug 24, 2020

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Show Notes: Welcome to Ep. 120. Later I'll talk a bit a about pot size for plants.  I hope your gardens are looking good, mine has had some tragedies.  One plant died from sudden heat shock.  I had to transplant another plant into a rocket pot.  California is on fire and pot farms have burned.  Kamala Harris as VP pick, I’m not voting for that ticket.  Mike Tyson on shark week had a shirt on that said "Hotboxing University" the truth shall be Toad.  Pan Y Circo Ep. 3.  Got some gear in from Canna Queen Genetics, going to have her on the show soon.   

Product Reviews:  SCC taste tester club.  -Stone Road pre-roll Sour Kush. I need to start this with “I’m not a fan of pre-rolls, they’re usually made with the trim and rarely made with the bud”.   I liked the paper they were rolled in, usually pre-rolls run, these did not.  They burned evenly, I liked that.  And that is the only positive thing I can say about these pre-rolls.  There were 4 joints in the pack and the packaging was easy to open but seemed a bit much for 4 small joints.  The joints had no flavor, I tasted more paper than flower.  I didn’t get that citrus, peppery taste or smell that Sour Kush is known for.  The high was weak, I should have been a lot higher for what I was after smoking half a joint of Sour Kush 19% THC.  I would not buy these pre-rolls.

-Sauced full spectrum live resin sauce cartridge 0.5g 76% THC -sativa- Strawberry Lemonade.  My 1st live resin sauce cartridge and I think I’m ruined for all other carts because I really liked it, which was a surprise.  Carts usually get me lightly stoned, never really high.  Not the issue with this one.  The high was an energizing, uplifting, heavy hitter that made me chatty.  It’s great for day time use and hanging out with friends or Netflix.  It had a sweet berry banana flavor to me.  I didn’t taste the lemon/tangy and I don’t know where the banana flavor came from but I liked it.  The packaging was a fight and felt adult proof, there’s got to be an easier way guys.  With that aside, I will definitely be buying and recommending this product.  Sespe Creek Collective 408 Bryant Cr. Suit C  

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Strain of the Week:  Lemon Cheesecake - a.k.a. Lemon Cheese, is a cross of Lemon Skunk and the Cheese with a musky, earthy, and skunky aroma. 19%THC The flavor is a bit skunky with a sweet, creamy lemon flavor. Lemon Cheesecake's high made my brain tingle just behind my eyeballs and gave me an uplifting, motivating energy.  Then the high melts into this nice easy alert, focused state.  It was a great daytime flower for me.      

Social Media: NORML.ORG voter registration tool. 

Report from the cannabis front line:

USDA, Hemp and covid-19 relife. 

Hemp shoes for vets 

Cannabis in the Supreme Court 

After work cannabis use 

Conversations with:  me about controlling your plant size with your pot size.  

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