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Air Tight

Jun 29, 2020

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Show Notes:  Welcome to Ep. 113.  Later we’re going to talk about soil in Cannabis Garden 101.  I gave blood last week and they told me I can check to see if I have COVID19 antibodies.  I chopped the Mystery Girl down, hung her up in a corner of the barn, I’m trying to keep the humidity between 65-54%.  She’ll stay there for about a week maybe 10 days and then jar it up for another 7-10 days at least, to cure.  Dr. Lester Grinspoon passed away this week.  Marijuana Reconsidered & Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine, 2 of his most famous works.  

Strain of the Week:  Blue Frost - Blue Frost is a hybrid of Blue Monster and Jack Frost and is an indica-dominant cross.  The flavor is an interesting combination of sweet fruity 

with a cheesey aftertaste.  This was a nice happy euphoric smoke, not too heavy.  Nice way to end the busy part of the day.  

Social Media: Cannabis benchmark price 

Report from the cannabis front line: 

War on drugs and Veggie Tales 

CBD and THC in the same stores 

Weed is more moral 

Conversations with:  Cannabis Garden 101 - Is on soil today, not on male female plants.

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