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Air Tight

Dec 4, 2023

Gear up for Episode 81 of "Air Tight," where the aroma of innovation meets the essence of rhythm, all on This episode is a must-listen as we talk about the iconic Hall of Flowers making its grand entrance to the Ventura County FairGrounds, promising an extravaganza of cannabis culture and industry insights. We've also got the latest scoop on the Green Coast Cup, keeping you in the loop with every exciting twist and turn.

Musically, we're cranking it up a notch with an eclectic mix that's sure to resonate with every listener. Get ready for the timeless tunes of Elvis Costello, the dynamic flows of Busta Rhymes, and the rock anthems of Kings of Leon, alongside a host of other musical talents.

Don't just hear about it; be a part of the experience. Listen to and immerse yourself in the world of "Air Tight," where cannabis culture and killer tracks collide.

Engage with us, share your thoughts, and let the rhythm of "Air Tight" guide you through another sensational episode!


Network - Mad as Hell

Elvis Castello & The Attractions - Pump It Up

Good Shoes - Under Control

Black Honey - Midnight

Busta Rhymes - Don’t Touch me

Chaka Khan - Like Sugar

Cypress Hill - When the shit goes down

Harry Belafonte - Jump in the Line

Kings of Leon - Molly’s Chamber

Johnny Thunder - I’m Alive

Lady Wray - Come on in

Linda Lyadell - What a Man

Les Leopards - D’Leau Coco

Naughty by Nature - Feel me Flow

The Black Keys - Countdown

Psychic Ills - FBI

Sonic Youth - Incineration