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Air Tight

Jan 8, 2023

Jeremy Norrie is with me on the show to autoflowers and the American Autoflower Cup coming to Los Angeles, Ca. on Jan. 28.  If you're an autoflower breeder, cultivator or just a fan of cannabis, you won't want to miss this conversation. 

Here are more details about the cup and Jeremy Norrie:

Autoflowers have been around for over a decade now, and watching them evolve and advance has been an amazing and beautiful journey for everyone involved in this very special community of the cannabis world. All the years of passion and dedication put into autoflowering genetics has greatly paid off, and nowadays, autos can easily match photoperiodic plants and tick off all the important boxes - hefty yields and high THC/CBD potency, with terpene profiles to match.

We’ve seen all the hard work that breeders and growers alike have put into their strains and cultivations and we thought it was high time for the hard work to be rewarded by organising an exciting cannabis cup exclusive to autoflowering cannabis. The American Autoflower Cup is all about bringing together the best of the best in the auto world and seeing exactly what 2023 has to offer.

Jeremy Norrie - Cup Curator

Mostly known for hosting and writing the judging criteria for events like The Secret Cup and Chalice California, Jeremy has been a veteran in the medical cannabis industry since its inception in California and has written for magazines like Treating Yourself Medical Journal and Skunk Magazine. He was a vital part of the teams who won the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Product Awards with the first dabbing tools in 2009 and 2012. 
As cup curator, Jeremy Norrie and our team are busy working on all the details of the event, leading up to day we will celebrate the winners. With Jeremy’s experience as the ‘man in charge’, combined together with his work as a film director & producer, you can be sure that our final event is going to absolutely dope, you won’t wanna miss it!