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Air Tight

Apr 22, 2023

     Primos this show is dedicated to The Beat Generation.  I want to say thank for all those freethinkers who started a counter culture movement that continues to this day.  Enjoy the vibe and send me an email.  Don't forget to become a supporting member of the Green Coast Radio by going to GreenCoastRadio


Air Tight #54

Del Close & John Brent - Basic Hip

Les Baxter - I Dig

Charles Bradley - The World ( Is going up in Flames)

Beck - Debra

9 El Duende - Sikuri Al Carmen

Nena - 99 Luftballoons 

Danger Mouse - Chase Me

Del Close & John Brent - Cool

Howie Lee - The Unreasonable Song

Future Island - Seasons

Ghostface Killah - Motherless Child

Hotel Eden - Nimble Girl

Nas - G.O.D.

Herbie Hancock - Rockit

Del Close & John Brent - Uncool

Night Beats - Never Look Back

MudHoney - Paranoid Core

The Damn - Neat Neat Neat