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Air Tight / In My Grow Show

Mar 25, 2023

Hello Primos and welcome back to Air Tight, our galactic voyage through the sonic soundscape of this day.

Air Tight #50

Jack Kerouac - San Francisco Scene

Bomba Estereo - La Nina Rica

Tinariwen - Assawt

Patsy Raye and the Beatniks - Beatnik’s Wish

George Guzman - Marilu 

Sonora De Margarita - Mi bom bon

Jedi Mind Trick - Saviorself

The Allergies - Love Somebody

The Meltdown - Better Days

The Internet Music - Special Affair

Wax Tailor - Ungodly Fruit

The Queer - Leave that Girl Alone

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer

The Black Angels - Science Killer