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Air Tight

Jul 8, 2024

     Get ready for the most electrifying episode of Air Tight 112 yet!  First up, we tackle the controversy surrounding rapper BG.  After his recent release on parole, BG is required to submit all new song lyrics to the #government for review.  Is this a violation of artistic #freedom, or a necessary step for #public safety?  We break down the legal implications and the heated reactions from the #hip-hop community.

     Next, we journey to the #Cook Islands, where a groundbreaking new policy now allows islanders and visitors to legally use #medical #cannabis.  This move is set to transform both the local #healthcare system and the #tourism industry.  We'll explore what this means for the region and how it compares to global trends in cannabis legalization.

     But that's not all!  We're spinning tracks from some of the most innovative #artists on the scene today.  Tune in for #music from Le Tigre, Dos Santos, Lake Street Dive, Sault, and many more.  These artists are pushing boundaries and redefining genres, and you need to hear what they've got to offer.

Missing this episode means missing out on being in the know.  Air Tight 112 is where the #cool conversations happen, and we encourage you to gatekeep this gem of a show—share it only with the coolest people in your life.  Green Coast Radio is your source for cutting-edge news and music, so don’t let your #friends miss out.  Tune in, turn up, and stay ahead of the curve with Air Tight 112!


Le Tigre - Deceptacon

Adi Victoria - Ain’t Killed Me Yet

Black Brothers - Saman Doye

Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener

Dos Santos - Jaguar de Rosas

Frazey Ford - September Fields

Glyders - Geneva Strangemod

Hidden Fees - So What

Imarhan - Tahabort

Ken Nordine - Flesh

Lake Street Dive - Better Than

Little Simz - Introvert

Los Monroes - Desierto de Asfalto

Lyres - Help you Ann

Massive Attack - Angel

Mick Jagger - Gotta get a grip

The Delegators - Be good to me 

Quincy Jones - Money is

Sault - Let me go 

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Hong Kong Garden

Stereolab - French Disko

The Amps - Tipp City

The Cure - Pillbox Tales

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