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Air Tight

Jul 4, 2024

Welcome to Air Tight 111, the show where we look through the latest headlines while jamming out to some killer #tunes.  Today, we dedicate our show to the memory of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a true #counterculture #hero whose groundbreaking work on #cannabis research has paved the way for many.

In today's headlines, the #NCAA has finally wised up and decided to let athletes enjoy a little herbal relief by removing cannabis from the list of banned substances for certain #athletes.  We'll break down what this means for #college sports and if this is a step towards nationwide acceptance.  Will this spark a new trend in #sports, or is it just a puff in the wind?  Let's find out!

Hold onto your sleigh bells because #archaeologists in Demre, Turkey, might have discovered the grave site of Saint Nicholas! Yes, the real Santa Claus may have been found, and he's not at the North Pole but resting peacefully in Turkey.  We'll unwrap the historical significance of this discovery and how it ties back to the legend of old Saint Nick.

On the musical side of things, we've got a playlist that's hotter than a summer barbecue. Althea & Donna , Link Wray, the eclectic sounds of Dengue Fever and let's not forget Naughty by Nature.

But that's not all!  We’ll pepper the show with quirky facts, hilarious anecdotes, and your social media shoutouts.  Whether you're chilling at home or cruising down the highway, Air Tight 111 is your perfect companion.  So, light up your favorite strain in honor of Dr. Grinspoon and let’s get this party started!

Tune in, turn up the volume, and let Air Tight 111 take you on a sonic journey through #news, #history, and killer #beats. Remember, stay green, stay groovy, and stay tuned for our next episode, where we’ll have even more surprises waiting for you!

Remember, only share us with the cool people in your life. 


Deu Requejo - Solo la Sone

Bilk - Spiked

Caroline Rose - Soul #5

Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta

Ikebe Shakedown -  No Answer

Jacques Dutronc - Le Responsable

The Allergie - Koliko

Kae Tempest - Beigeness 

Lafitte Beatz - Party

Detroit Emeralds - Baby Let Me Take You in my arms

Nación Ekeko - El Paraíso

The Lethargics - 

Rival Cults - Heraldry

Stick Figure - Smokin Love 

Roger and Gypsies - Pass the Hatchet

Teleman - Tangerine

The Bobby Lee's - Monkey Mind

Prince Fatty - Black Rabbit

The Specials - Little Bitch

The Smiths - I Know it’s Over